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Channel Disruptions with Larry Walsh from the 2112 Group – Episode 9

by David Johnson , Sr. Director Product Marketing April 11, 2019

In Episode 9 of the Revenue Execution Podcast we continued our conversation with Larry Walsh from the 2112 Group.  In this podcast we discussed channel disruptions.  Larry brought up a lot of great insights regarding channel disruption and some steps channel strategists can take to calm the disruption.  Among some of the key topics we discussed:

  • The significance of the current disruption that channels are going through and how current models are being rapidly displaced.
  • Channel programs need to expand beyond traditional IT Partners
  • The buyer is now the one that is driving the channel

Current Channel Disruption

“We have multiple disruptive waves happening simultaneously,” according to Larry.  In this environment the pace of change has accelerated and inflection points come before many have had a chance to respond.  This has led to an environment where today’s channel chief can expect to live in a state of change being normal.  Larry and I discussed how some businesses have navigated a century of change like IBM which started out making industrial scales in the late 1800’s.

Channel Program Expansion

Current channel programs are expanding beyond traditional IT partners.  For example, law firms today are also offering seminars on technology.  Accounting firms advise clients on technologies and managed services.  These non-IT partners are transforming the way that end customers think by the way they are advising their clients.  These non-traditional organizations that have expert relationships with buyers will have a significant impact on channel sales.  Vendors who expand more quickly than their peers will have a competitive advantage that may have a lasting impact.

Buyer Control

Today’s buyers exert tremendous control over the channel and are the real drivers behind channel disruption.  Because of the changes that buyers have gone through they have forced channel sales organizations to adapt.

The conversation with Larry in this podcast was very engaging and if you want to listen to all the great details you can find it here.

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