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Using Channel Sales Data and Analytics for Continuous Growth with Emily Yang from Diodes – Podcast Episode 13

by David Johnson , Sr. Director Product Marketing June 3, 2019

Focused use of sales data and making decisions based on analytics is one of several strategies that has allowed Diodes to grow revenues for nearly three straight decades. In Episode 13 of the Revenue Execution Podcast Series we continued our conversation with Emily Yang, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Diodes and discussed the importance of the strategic use of channel sales data and analytics.  Emily and I discuss how they collect, transform, and analyze their data.  We also discussed the success they’ve achieved with this effort.

In the second part of our three-part series with Emily, we discuss:

Diodes Journey to an Automated Channel Data Management Solution

Originally Diodes had each region submit their sales data.  This led to delays, inaccurate data, and an inability to know who their end customers were.  They also didn’t have any visibility into global inventories.

In-House or Purpose Built CDM Solution

Diodes originally considered building a robust CDM solution in-house.  After analyzing the labor, technology, and processes they would need to invest, they quickly realized they needed Model N’s Channel Data Management (CDM) solution to achieve their goals.  Model N’s ability to normalize and transform the data was one of the deciding factors.

Channel Sales Data Analysis

All of Diodes CDM data is combined with other finance data into a data warehouse for analytics.  Emily is analyzing data on nearly a daily basis.  Each day is different based on the decisions that she must make.  Even though each day is different, Emily is finding that the results are the same.  Diodes’ can make timely decisions that drive continuous revenue growth.

Flying Blind

Prior to Model N, Diodes was making decisions in the dark and flying blind.  Their decision-making has dramatically improved since they’ve been able to consolidate their data.  Decisions are now targeted instead of being applied to all regions.  They can now focus on making very specific improvements.  The results of this have been real as well.  Diodes’ 2018 revenue grew by 15.2% and gross margins grew by 22%.


Diodes has achieved a continuous growth that very few companies have been able to attain.  The strategies that we discussed with Emily were instrumental to that sustained success.  If you want to learn from a veteran that has been able to drive success for over three decades, listen to this episode of the Revenue Execution podcast.  Emily has great insights into the market and provided us with a lot of great ideas on what it means to use revenue and channel data management solutions like Model N’s Channel Cloud and Channel Data Management (CDM) as competitive differentiation.  Click here to listen to the podcast.

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