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Add Redlining to Salesforce CPQ

January 5, 2017

Converting quotes into contracts is often a manual process. It’s a challenge to track the multiple versions of documents through the approval process, and an extra step for sales to make sure changes are reflected in the quote terms. Now, companies using or evaluating Salesforce CPQ have a quick and easy way to integrate redlining of proposals and contracts into the quoting process with Salesforce CPQ.

Revvy Authoring for Salesforce CPQ automatically converts quotes into Microsoft Word proposals or contract documents using predefined templates. Collaboration on contracts is faster and easier. All changes to the documents are tracked and versioned in MS Word, and redlines can be easily addressed using a library of standard terms accessible right from the Word document. Chatter is also available to enable collaboration and provide an audit trail. Once the redlining process is complete, any changes to the document are automatically synchronized to the Salesforce CPQ quote. Watch the demo video and contact for more information.

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