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3 Keys to Enabling Better Channel Partner Independence

April 26, 2021

By Jim Holland, Senior Product Marketing Manager

In the post, Elevating Channel Partner Success, Gloria Kee shared, “As the demand for specialized functions within high tech increasesmore partners are emerging as experts in domains that were commonly unknown a decade ago. Partners are no longer just customers, but strategic players who can negotiate their relationships with the vendors who play a crucial role in helping the vendor increase revenue growth.” 

With partner relationships changing, what are the most challenging issues for high tech and B2B software companies?

Model N commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the channel revenue processes at high-tech manufacturing and B2B software companies. From the survey of 211 senior leaders responsible for revenue management and channel strategy, three key themes emerged:

  1. Clean, enriched, and consolidated channel data provides a vast source of insight for managing channel revenue, uncovering high-value opportunities, and improving the partner experience.
  2. Firms are struggling to stitch together a myriad of channel tools and manual processes, resulting in low-quality channel data that fails to provide a clear and timely view of performance.
  3. Decision-makers place a high value on solution features that provide a more automated and unified way of managing their channel processes and data from end-to-end.

From the report, we heard, “Savvy revenue and channel pros recognize that improving the partner experience (PX), much like improving the customer experience (CX), is an essential avenue for revenue growth. And in order to do so, decision-makers need data to understand, guide, and improve the range of activities a partner might undertake along their selling journey.”

To learn what value and efficiencies leaders can introduce to enable their channels,  read the full Forrester Opportunity Snapshot at no cost, click here. To learn how Model N’s Channel Data Management solution with Channel Network can add the independence your team needs, go here. To speak to a subject matter expert on how you can improve your partner relationships, go here.

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