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3 Key Takeaways from the Model N BPI Gross to Net Partnership

December 4, 2018

Model N and BPI Technologies have seen first-hand the need for packaged software to manage gross to net for their life sciences customers. While this has always been a need, it has become more acute in the past several years and industry leaders are proactively looking for solutions. For example, GTN Summit is now one of the fastest growing conferences of CBI, the health and life sciences industry leader.

The reason is that the impact on their businesses is real and growing more extreme. A 2017  IMS study reported that brand-name drug manufacturers had reduced list-price revenues by an astonishing $153 billion—double what it was 5 years earlier.

I sat down with Jason Blessing, Model N CEO, and Richard Burcham, BPI CEO, to discuss the partnership.

Richard attributes the demand to manage this gross to net gap to the ever-increasing complexity in commercial contracting coupled with companies facing growing complexity in their regulatory markets.  He boils it down to companies asking themselves, “why in the world am I trying to manage billions of dollars of deductions, the most significant set of deductions on my income statement, in Excel with manual methods?”   And, he adds, they’ve come to the realization that, “I really need a formal application that will give me the control and auditability to be in compliance while also giving my workforce the right tools to get this job done.“

Model N CEO Jason Blessing recognized that gross to net required more than just modeling software, noting that a previous attempt had fallen short. Solving GTN required a holistic solution that brought together an ever-evolving set of contract, rebate and regulatory data sources of record, into a mature, end-to-end solution that knows how to drive great value from great data and a very importantly, a strong core competency in the business side of gross to net.  “We needed a partner that understood this space extremely well, one who was well respected with a proven track record, and given the dynamic nature of gross to net, we wanted a partner that was nimble enough to bring value to our customers from the ever evolving data produced by our Revenue Cloud solutions“, said Jason.  The build/buy/partner decision is a critical first step in making any product investment.  It goes beyond simply having the technical capability to build an application. He further explained that “My philosophy with partnerships is to first, do what is best for our customers.  I am open to the fact that this may mean we need to find partners to deliver highly specialized solutions.  It’s also paramount for Model N to find partners that share our core values and vision in helping our customers navigate the revenue execution crisis the industry is facing.

There are 3 key takeaways from the Model N BPI announcement:

#1 – What was announced?

Model N is partnering with BPI Technologies to bring our comprehensive revenue management data across commercial, government, and chargeback channels together with their sophisticated gross-to-net revenue recognition solutions to create Model N BPI Gross to Net. This end-to-end solution will provide customers “no touch” integration.  This delivers ongoing integration testing to ensure no surprises during upgrades, facilitates contract terms and conditions or other revenue management attributes to being available for GTN modeling, and ensures gross-to-net models have data refreshed at least daily.

#2 – What will it mean for our customers?

Richard pointed out that “at least 25-30% of any gross to net implementation is all about getting quality data served up in a timely manner for consumption.”  By creating Model N BPI Gross to Net, customers will experience faster, better, cost effective, and lower risk implementations.  “There is a lot of risk associated with automating gross to net that hinges on good, accurate data and the partnership addresses exactly that,” he adds.  That risk can lead to inaccurate accruals, impacts to share price, and SEC reporting.

“We have had a very positive response to the announcement.  A number of companies, in fact the industry as a whole, has been looking for a gross-to-net solution that is integrated with their revenue management system.”  – Richard Burcham, CEO BPI Technologies

#3 – When will it be available?

The Model N BPI Gross to Net product, fully integrated with both Revenue Cloud platforms, Powered by N and Powered by Flex, is targeted for Spring ‘19 release.

When asking both Jason and Richard how they will define success in this relationship, Jason didn’t hesitate, replying “We are excited for the opportunity to bring together two world class systems into this new combined solution and the most important outcome will be having successful, delighted customers that continually push us to innovate and deliver even more value from our partnership.

Happy customers”, said Richard, adding, “Realistically, success is measured in being able to offer them a better solution in a faster and more cost-effective way.”   In today’s highly competitive, constantly changing life sciences industry, the secret is out: Gross to Net is no longer relegated to a back office function reliant upon Excel and manual processes, it is a strategic source for growth, key insights, and risk mitigation.

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