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Intelligent Approvals

Get deals reviewed and approved faster.

Slowing down responsiveness just because the quote request requires approval is unacceptable in today’s hyper fast business environment. Today’s B2B buyers are intolerant of poor experiences. Slow responsiveness to getting that quote to the buyer could cost not only this deal, but future deals as well.

Model N Intelligent Approvals does the work to accelerate approval workflows and responsiveness. By bringing together customer, sales team, sales operations, administrators, managers and compliance perspectives, Model N Intelligent Approvals ensures your sales team is first with a quote, even when it requires a complex approval workflow.



  • Independent of standard Salesforce approvals
  • Instantly trigger serial and parallel paths
  • Line-level approvals
  • Preview before initiating approval
  • Dynamically re-assign or add approvers
  • Track approval status
  • Approval Matrix simplifies maintenance
  • Approval Memory keeps the process moving
  • Review, approve/reject in Chatter
  • Available across all Revenue Cloud applications


  • Accelerate responsiveness – be first with a quote
  • Dynamic configuration for instant adjustment to unique requirements
  • Support simple to complex workflows
  • Simplify maintenance – administer in Salesforce
  • Use as your single approval workflow solution
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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