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Brand and Payer Intelligence (BPI)

Optimize your pull-through activities and improve market responsiveness with a multi-dimensional view of your local market characteristics and target physicians. Optimize brand and payer activity. Increase productivity. Reduce operational costs.

Brand and Payer Intelligence

Improve Visibility into Market Realities with an Out-of-the Box Analytics Solution Built for Pharma

Model N Brand and Payer Intelligence (BPI) helps customers optimize their commercial activity by generating actionable insights from local health market characteristics and accounts behavior. Proprietary data algorithms designed by payer experts specifically for US based pharma companies blend all of a company’s owned data to generate multidimensional insights.

BPI extracts the full value of a company’s data by delivering strategic views of their data in full context with the ability to drill-down to the most granular level, enabling marketing and analytics teams to increase their operational and market performance while minimizing costs.

Brand and Payer Intelligence

BPI will create value from all of the data that you spend so much money to collect, retain, and use for basic reporting.

Extract the Full Value of all of your Organization’s Market, Brand and Payer Data

Resolve your “Data Rich and Insights Poor” predicament by blending all of your existing data to generate full-context, commercialization insights to improve your market responsiveness.

Powered by a proprietary algorithm which maps and blends all of your data, the Brand & Payer Intelligence (BPI) platform democratizes access to information reducing reliance on costly external vendors and allowing the departments in your organization to obtain insights by analyze market and performance data whenever needed.

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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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BPI Resolves Pharma's Intelligence ‘Issues’ and Improves Market Responsiveness

Issue 1: Lack of accurately-mapped data sources
Designed by experts with deep industry knowledge and expertise, BPI integrates, cleans and aligns all disparate data sources on a regular basis to ensure timely and accurate information delivery.

Issue 2: Limited resources to fulfill analytics requests
BPI enables true self-service analytics across the enterprise. The BPI reporting interface is highly intuitive offering analytics, reporting, and data extraction tools which any business users can use – no SQL or SAS training needed.

Issue 3: Over-reliance on high-cost external vendors
BPI lowers costs associated with your analytics processes, often generating a positive ROI well within the first year of use. BPI generates on-demand segmentations and redefines market baskets with just a few clicks, significantly reducing the need for costly vendor engagements to produce dashboards, reports and business insights.

Brand and Payer Intelligence

Model N BPI is what your market access, sales, marketing, executive and other teams need – now. Seeing is believing, so please contact us with any questions or to see a demo today!

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