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Model N B2B E-Commerce

Deliver a seamless omnichannel experience

Today’s B2B buyer expects to find product and pricing information online. They expect to conduct their research on any device. They expect a seamless experience as the move from online to partners to direct sales. They are increasingly intolerant of inconsistent and poor experiences. The trends are clear as B2B e-Commerce is estimated to be 3X larger than B2C in 2017. And, companies continue to invest and innovate in B2B e-commerce. For example, Gartner predicts that by 2018, 70% of B2B e-Commerce sites will offer personalized features to their customers and that these will outsell their competitors without the same level of personalization by 30%.


vs $2.1 trillion for B2C

Source: Statista B2B e-Commerce Report 2017


B2B e-commerce CAGR from 2015 – 2020

Source: Gartner


Asia Pacific portion of B2B e-commerce, Americas 13%, Europe 7%

Source: Statista B2B e-Commerce Report 2017


Model N’s B2B e-Commerce solution enables an omnichannel solution by extending configure, price, quote capabilities to your direct sales, partners and self-service customers.

Enhance the Partner Experience
Extend configure, price, quote capabilities to your partners using Salesforce Partner Communities.

  • Enable partners to better represent your products using CPQ capabilities
  • Deliver relevant information to make it fast and easy for partners to create demand and sell
  • Increase collaboration and deal support
  • Accelerate responsiveness on special requests
  • Instant visibility into partner opportunity pipeline
  • Share analytics and insights for data driven decision making

Enable a self-service B2B e-Commerce experience
Extend configure, price, quote capabilities to your partners using Salesforce Customer Communities.

  • Extend CPQ capabilities to self-service customers with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Leverage industry-specific solutions with built-in business logic, workflow, and UI
  • Personalize every touchpoint with specific content based on the customer’s profile
  • Create seamless, consistent experience across sales channels
  • Easily administer and manage all sales channels as part of Salesforce administration

Maximize Sales Productivity and Minimize Bottlenecks

Expand your existing e-commerce experience
Add advanced catalog management and configuration to your existing website to expand the customer experience.

  • Industry standard APIs enable easy integration of configurator into existing web environments
  • Advanced configurator includes out-of-the box integration with SAP Variant Configuration and pricing
  • Support SKUs, bundles and configured products for an expanded customer experience
  • Tailor the experience with intelligent product and pricing recommendations
  • Leverage enterprise-grade scalability and performance to deliver a consistent global experience
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