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Model N Fall ’22 Release: Advancing Customer Experience

As a leader in revenue optimization and compliance across life sciences and high-tech industries, we are always looking for opportunities to make our customers more efficient, compliant, and profitable. With each product release, we seek to deliver innovation and more value while addressing customers’ sticking points in their revenue management journey. This fall 2022 release […]

High Tech History: Avoiding Semiconductor Crisis – Part 2

Catch up on how we got to this point from Part One of this article. Today: What to do about it A decades-long failure to invest in capacity and employment has made U.S. firms rely almost exclusively on offshore fabrication plants.  We need to consider history. The use of industrial policy in the early days […]

High Tech History: Avoiding Semiconductor Crisis – Part 1

We’ve all heard this quote – or variations of it – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” from philosopher George Santayana‘s Life of Reason. But it’s still a lesson the semiconductor industry should take to heart. We’re currently seeing the digital transformation of everything. And semiconductors – chips that process digital […]


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