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Semiconductor industry is not what it used to be

The semiconductor industry is not what it used to be. The level of competition is higher than ever. Margins are narrower and single digit market growth has been the norm since the mid-2000s. The global economy has effected the growth of the semiconductor market in recent years and competition in a tight market got tougher and to top it, the industry is consolidating rapidly through M&A activity. In this environment, companies simply cannot afford to leave up to 50M on 1B in sales on the table each year due to lost opportunities, poor volume and price compliance, channel over payments and other forms of price erosion. If semiconductor companies are able to successfully reduce these “leakages”, they will be able to grow their revenue from the same product portfolio. Therefore, improving sales productivity or sales effectiveness and channel optimization are keys to drive more organic growth.

Channels can be optimized, and when they are, they do what they are supposed to do: they make selling in the channel easy and efficient. To do this you have to accomplish two things. First, management needs to be able to see where and how money is being spent within each revenue channel within a company. Second, working within the revenue channel must be simplified.

Model N Revvy Sales Application Suite is a SaaS solution that is built on the Salesforce1 platform which able to accomplish both of these goals. Revvy Sales is the only enterprise grade solution with industry best practices to strategically manage the entire direct opportunities pipeline and channel design registrations which in turn minimize situations which result in lost revenue. Take a look here to see how it can help your business.

You can also tune into a recent webinar to learn more about Revvy Sales.

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