Increase Funnel Visibility and Track Opportunities Globally

A complex High Tech value chain creates many challenges, with end customers purchasing directly and through distribution partners, manufacturer reps, and contract manufacturers across multiple regions. This distributed sales process makes it difficult for organizations to obtain accurate visibility into demand, while complex pricing rules and a high volume of special pricing deals hinder quote turnaround time and pricing consistency. These factors impact an organization's ability to convert quotes into orders.

Model N's domain-specific Revenue Management solutions enable High Tech manufacturers to improve deal conversion rates, protect transactional margin, and obtain visibility into demand across channels and regions. With interactive quoting, contract compliance, and sophisticated opportunity tracking, companies are able to dramatically reduce quote cycle time and the number of lost opportunities, reduce price erosion through enforcement of pricing policies, eliminate internal bid wars, and increase visibility into demand across channels and regions.

The Model N High Tech Revenue Management Suite enables us to expedite our business cycle and enhance customer satisfaction. The deployment of our digital business platform is a concerted effort to provide our customers with the best service in the industry. Model N has a track record of success and will play a key role in our global sales operations.

Senior VP, Sales and Marketing
ON Semiconductor