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    • Sales Transformation and Leveraging Business Intelligence

      Attend this webinar to hear Mike McLane, Vice President of Global Sales Operations and Customer Service discuss Atmel’s transformation and the role Model N’s applications have had in supporting Atmel’s processes and strategies.

    • Top Reasons to Upgrade to 8.3.2

      Model N High Tech Revenue Management 8.3 improves sales effectiveness and financial controls with exciting new features including POS/Claims validations against inventory, opportunity duplication tracking, and regional and segment based pricing.

    • Increase Market Share with Intelligent Rebating

      Learn how leading manufacturers have successfully used automated rebate applications to shape purchasing behavior of customers and channels and influence market share, analyze which programs are yielding the best result and invest in those programs, improve financial controls, eliminate rebate overpayments, and accurately calculate accruals.

    • PPS: Harnessing the Power of Deal and Price Performance

      Listen to seasoned pricing practitioners discuss how to harness the power of deal and price performance. By embedding actionable insights into the daily business processes influenced by pricing, discover how your company can finally identify the root causes for price erosion by product and region and take corrective actions, analyze the impact of rebate programs and their yield, achieve one point of pricing truth for daily operations and decision-making, and uncover and maximize the real value of a transaction or deal early in the deal negotiation.

    • How to Improve Your Business and Overcome the Challenges Associated with Channel Operations

      Learn about the business challenges faced by semiconductor professions within the function of channel management including a real-world case study. Topics of discussion include lack of visibility into channel sales activities, internal bid wars that erode margin, channel incentive overpayments, poor revenue recognition compliance, and obstacles around ship & debit, POS reconciliation, channel inventory, price protection, and stock rotation.

    • How Manufacturers Can Overcome the Business Challenges in Tracking Design Wins and Business Transfer

      Explore about the business challenges faced by manufacturing professionals associated with tracking design wins and business transfers, such as visibility into demand generation activities across opportunities and registrations, recording design wins, and managing global fulfillment transfer. Also, hear insights and lessons learned from a real-world case study with Microchip Technology.

    • Pricing and Quoting in Semiconductor: Challenges and Solutions

      Learn about the business challenges faced by semiconductor professionals when creating quotes, including inconsistent enforcement of pricing rules, margin erosion, long quote cycle times, and low quote-to-order conversion rates, and how to solve them with integrated, automated Revenue Managment solutions. The seminar, first in a series that covers revenue life cycle processes in the industry, also includes a case study of a leading manufacturer that leveraged Revenue Management to improve business visibility and increase margins.

    • Best Practices in Contract and Compliance Management

      Get a first-hand look at Model N's Contract and Compliance Management solution and learn Best Practices which help Sales and Finance organizations overcome these challenges and significantly improve contract value.

    • Model N Cloud: Revenue Management SaaS for High Tech SMBs

      The Model N Revenue Management Suite enables greater visibility into demand and improves pricing strategies, pricing rules enforcement, and channel incentive payments management. Revenue Management offers a holistic and strategic approach to managing the entire revenue life cycle, from planned revenue to negotiated revenue to actualized revenue. Learn how High Tech SMBs can utilize the same powerful Revenue Management solutions deployed by Top Twenty semiconductor, component, and OEM companies via the cloud.

    • Manufacturers Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Margins with Automated Quoting and Pricing

      Many manufacturers focus on reducing manufacturing costs to gain more market share and or improve margins. Some thought-leading companies have found faster ways to drive even greater value by examining their sales and sales operations processes. This Web Seminar explores how market leaders have leveraged their quoting and pricing processes as competitive differentiators to reduce operational costs, improve sales efficiency, and improve margins.

    • Dell: Managing Global Multi-tier Channel Incentives in the Cloud with Model N

      Teemu Kolehmainen, Global Program Manager at Dell, Inc., explores how Dell is leveraging the Revenue Management Cloud to maximize channel performance. Dell's channel incentive and rebate programs allow High Tech companies to avoid upfront discounting and increase market share and mind share with direct customers and channel partners. By tightly integrating a cloud-based deployment of Model N Rebates with SaaS, Dell is managing complex, multi-tier channel incentive programs worldwide while ensuring accurate accrual of liabilities and timely payments to eligible partners.

    • Maximizing Contract Value with Contract and Compliance Management

      Get an in-depth look at Model N's Contract and Compliance Management solution, which helps High Tech sales and finance organizations overcome these challenges and significantly improve contract value by:

      • Globally enforcing contracted prices and volume commitments
      • Eliminating unnecessary price concessions and order/invoice errors
      • Increasing visibility and proactive control over the contract life cycle to improve Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and enable faster audits
      • Reducing margin siphoning from contract manufacturers that only purchase against the most favorable contracts, regardless of end customer
    • Utilizing Rebates to Improve Margins and Accurately Recognize Revenue

      Explore how semiconductor and High Tech manufacturers are implementing business processes and tools that leverage rebate programs to avoid up-front discounting and margin loss, mask OEM prices from contact manufacturers and channels, accrue liabilities correctly to recognize revenue, and more. Learn how Model N Rebates can help manage the creation of rebate programs, analyze sales data from both direct and channel sources, and calculate and approve payments accurately with full integration into back-end ERP systems and front-end channel portals such as

Using the Model N High Tech Revenue Management Suite, we believe we can meet our goals of solving forecast visibility across our global sales organization, increasing forecast accuracy to reflect the reality of complex business opportunities involving offshore design and manufacturing and shortening our current forecast update processes from seven business days down to three hours.

Senior Manager, Supply Chain Systems
Intersil Corp.