Leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies are leveraging the advantages of Model N Revenue Management to boost margins, increase visibility, improve financial control and auditability, enhance strategy, and drive business value.

Revenue Management Enterprise is a broad set of transactional applications that automate the execution of revenue management processes such as incentive and rebate management, pricing, and contracting and serve as a system of record for these processes.

Revenue Management Intelligence is a broad set of intelligence applications that provide the analytical insights to define and optimize revenue management strategies.

All solutions can be purchased together as a suite or as separate stand-alone applications.


Revenue Management Enterprise Solutions

Revenue Management Intelligence Solutions

With regulatory changes imposed by the Deficit Reduction Act looming, Procter & Gamble and Model N worked together to successfully implement the Government Pricing application within an aggressive nine-month timeframe. No matter what obstacle or challenge we presented, Model N responded with a workable solution.

Ron Brandt, Director of Contracting
Procter & Gamble Pharma