Eliminate Intuition from Pricing and Contracting Strategies

Competitive and market pressures in the Pharma industry is shifting the focus from top-line growth to increased profitability. Industry executives want data on net price and are seriously scrutinizing all deductions to gross-to-net price and revenue, from chargebacks and incentive rebates to free goods and sales and marketing expenses. Executives are realizing that efficient pricing and contracting are paramount to boosting profitability and monitoring net price erosion risks.

Model N Price Strategy helps Pharma pricing executives and P&L owners develop, monitor, and continuously drive optimal pricing strategies. The comprehensive solution eliminates intuition-based pricing, provides actionable guidance on revenue risks, delivers in-depth data mining and advanced scenario simulation and projection, and offers solutions and best practices consulting for advanced price scenario generation.

  • Applications


    • Analytics and Best Practices Consulting

      Model N business consultants can help answer difficult business questions.

    • Secure SaaS Delivery

      Model N Cloud lowers total cost of ownership and improves flexibility and efficiency.

    • Application and Best Practices Training

      Model N empowers home office teams with analytic techniques to efficiently generate unique insights and drive actions in the field.

Brand ImpACT provides us with monthly sales reports but also helps us with sales contract tracking. It helps us in terms of visibility in all aspects as it relates to the data.  

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