Execute on Managed Markets Contracting and Account Strategies

In recent years, the increasing influence of payors, combined with a focus on increased profitability over top-line growth, has brought Managed Markets teams to the forefront of the Pharma and Biotech business. The old war was about winning a preferred formulary status. The new battle will be waged by aligning marketing, sales, and finance strategies with better contracting.  Although the market has shifted, silo-ed data and obsolete systems and software are still in place and can significantly hamper the ability to succeed in a changed marketplace.

Model N Managed Markets Strategy removes intuition from Managed Markets decisions and improves profitability by helping teams perform historical and trend analyses, create payer profitability simulations and projections, design and execute superior contracting strategies, and strengthen pull-through in the field. The comprehensive solution:

    • Integrates relevant data sets; monitors payor control, product market access, and strategy performance; enables scenario simulation and comparison; and percolates critical information down to the right account managers

    • Delivers best practices and advanced analytics consulting at every stage in the contract life cycle, from pre-deal analysis to compliance and performance tracking to optimized renegotiation and best practices reporting consulting for account managers

    • Provides expert data integration and management, Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery, and full training


    • Analytics and Best Practices Consulting

      Model N analysts and consultants can help solve difficult business problems.

      Managed Markets Analytics Intelligence:  Model N supports insight generation, pulling pull through lists, and validating contract strategies to identify where money is left on the table. Tools and training are provided to drive actions in the Account Management team.

      Managed Markets Scenario Analysis: Model N generates contract strategy scenarios and tradeoff analyses around payor control, formulary tiers and incentive rebates to strike the most profitable deals.

    • Secure SaaS Delivery

      Model N Cloud lowers total cost of ownership and improves flexibility and efficiency without sacrificing the ability to manage complex data, process, or reporting requirements.

    • Data Management

      In addition to aggregating data across external market and internal business sources, Model N provides full support for building database structures, linking and merging data, and incorporating new data features with fast weekly and monthly updates.

    • Application and Best Practices Training

      Model N empowers home office teams with analytic techniques to efficiently generate unique insights and drive actions in the field. Education and Training are offered to help the field boost pull-through.

Model N not only has demonstrated a deep understanding of the current Medicaid issues, but its integrated suite of applications will provide us with a revenue management platform that can accommodate our growth both in the commercial and government sector.

Associate Director of Distribution,
Actelion Pharmaceuticals